Homeowner’s Insurance Tips for new and existing homeowners:

  • There are two levels of home insurance coverage; actual cash value(ACV), and replacement cost. Always pick the option with replacement cost coverage. Replacement cost coverage ensures you as a homeowner, during the process of a covered claim, will not pay more than your deductible. ACV factors in depreciation for all losses and therefore your out of pocket cost as a homeowner will be substantially more than replacement cost coverage.
  • The importance of understanding captive versus independent insurance agents. Independent insurance agents have access to multiple carriers and therefore can provide options from the marketplace to help you make the best-informed decision. Our job, as independent agents, is to present the best option for each insured and not the cheapest option. The education independent agents undergo, and continue to undergo, prepares us to help our clients best.
  • Flood insurance is easily accessible and should not be a deterrent from buying a home. More carriers are in the marketplace to provide more options for homeowners whether a primary home, secondary home, or investment property.
  • Now, more than ever, reviewing your home insurance is paramount. Market value is never a determinant in insuring a home. The cost to replace a home, which is calculated by an insurance agent, is determined individually for each home. Post COVID the cost rebuild homes and/or repair homes is still higher than costs pre COVID. Therefore, the value associated with rebuilding each home has to be reviewed annually.
  • We want to work with all homeowners, new or existing, so reach out to us or fill out the form below. Thank you!!!
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