How does claim frequency harm your ability to get new insurance?

Claim frequency can affect your ability to obtain new insurance in a few ways:

  1. Risk Assessment: All insurance companies assess risk when determining whether to provide coverage to an individual or property. If you have a history of frequent claims, insurers may perceive you as a higher risk. This perception stems from the likelihood that you may continue to file claims in the future, which can be costly for the insurer.
  2. Underwriting Criteria: Insurers use underwriting criteria or matrix to evaluate applicants for insurance coverage. A history of frequent claims may cause you to be categorized as a higher-risk applicant, which can result in higher premiums or even denial of coverage.
  3. Loss History Reports: Insurers use loss history reports, which contain information about previous insurance claims associated with a property or individual. If your loss history report shows a pattern of frequent claims, insurers may be more hesitant to offer you coverage.
  4. Policy Cancellation or Non-Renewal: In some cases, insurers may choose to cancel your policy or not renew it if you have a history of frequent claims. This can leave you scrambling to find coverage elsewhere, and being labeled as a high-risk applicant can make it more challenging to obtain new insurance at an affordable rate.

To mitigate the impact of claim frequency on your ability to obtain insurance, it’s essential to try to minimize unnecessary claims. Consider whether the cost of filing a claim outweighs the potential increase in premiums or loss of coverage in the future. Additionally, maintaining a good relationship with your insurer and practicing risk management to prevent future losses can also be beneficial. The importance of having an insurance agent as council and advisor is paramount in these situations. Our job is to provide all applicable information to our insureds, while offering advice, so they can make the best decision in the short and long term.

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